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  1. Carol says:

    Highly recommended. I went limping to Derek with some knee problem and Derek fixed it in under 20 mins! The treatment was professional, and thankfully it didn’t even hurt at all. Could walk all over Hong Kong after that!

  2. Anton Lim says:

    For many years, i have been dependent on pain killers and muscle relaxant pills prescribed by doctors in the local clinics – i would take these pills after a bad night’s sleep that result in persistent aches and pains )sometimes feverish) in my head, neck and shoulder areas – that would make my days very tiring, irritable and very uncomfortable.

    A 30year old friend who has been successfully treated by CHIROSTEO repeatedly recommend that i should see Derek Chu. I am very glad that i did!!

    After only 3 treatment at the Chirosteo BoneCare clinic, my neck and shoulder pains (which caused numbness in my upper left arm) greatly eased and i will definitely continue with 2 or 3 upcoming treatment and subsequent treatment as advised by the good and capable Osteopathic TCM Physician Derek Chu. He has a holistic approach, is comprehensive in his area of expertise and speaks English well which is important and assuring for me as many TCM physicians here in Malaysia may not.

    BTW: after only a few treatment for my aching neck and shoulder, my intense itch and inflammation on a few fingers and my feet have completely gone and the affected areas of the skin are healing. This is so strange for me because my eczema condition have persisted for about 10 years and now it has healed.

  3. Chin Chun Quan says:

    I have sought countless number of doctors to treat a backbone condition ever since I was 16. The condition caused a spasm once every 3 months and the treatment given by each doctor was different and ineffective in curing the root of the problem. After 2 years, I met a doctor, Dr Chin, who recommended me to Dr Derik. Dr Derik pinpointed the cause of the problem and from there, he treated me with patience and confidence. After several treatments, I am now recovering from the condition far better than expected. The treatment proved to be effective and I am pleased with the treatment provided. I am grateful to have known Dr Derik, a talented person, and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all that he has done.

  4. Gerald says:

    Informative, good service and effective. Healed my shoulder issues in 3 treatments. Definitely coming back for maintenance. Highly recommended.

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