Frequently asked Questions

How much are your charges for treatment?

Our treatment charges are in the range of RM 170- 270 per treatment, depending on the severity and complexity of your condition.

For more serious cases, such as fractures, the treatment fee may differ.

How long is each treatment session?

This depends on the severity and complexity of your condition. On average each treatment session will last about 30-40 minutes.

Is treatment painful?

Treatment is not entirely pain-less but neither is it painful! Not to worry, our physician will apply the various techniques according to your pain tolerance level. Do let our physician know if you feel uncomfortable at any point during the treatment.

Is it normal to feel pain after treatment?

There is usually a small amount of pain or bruising to the skin which may last for 2 to 3 days after treatment, particularly for the deep tissue massage (tui-na) and scraping (gua-sha) treatments.

The bruising and pain should usually subside within 3-4 days.

How many treatment sessions do I have to attend to fully recover?

The answer to this question would invariably depend on the severity of your injury as well as your overall health. Age is also a significant factor in determining how long it will take for your injury to recover.

For most injuries, you will need a few treatment sessions to achieve full recovery.

For pain and injury in older patients, please bear in mind that the recovery period may be longer as your body requires more time to heal.

Some degenerative type conditions or serious injuries may require long-term or ongoing treatment.

Can I still come to Chirosteo for if I have no substantial aches or pains?

Yes of course! As you would know, prevention is always better than cure. We also provide bone and spine maintenance. Like a car, after long use and movement, our bodies too are susceptible to wear and tear. Sometimes lifting a heavy piece of furniture or item may cause some joints or bones to become slightly misaligned, though no real pain may be felt. Even a minor car accident can cause some bone misalignment though you may feel fine!

Coming to us for bone or spine maintenance is a good way to keep your bones and joints strong & healthy so you can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Do you use any kind of creams or oils for treatment?

Generally for deep tissue massage (tui-na) and scraping (gua-sha) treatment, some oil may be used in order to protect your skin. Rest assured we only use baby oil which is generally suitable for all skin types. In the Patient Registration Form you will fill up upon registration at our bonecare centre, you will have the opportunity to indicate if you have any skin allergies or sensitivity, which will be taken note of by our physician.

Do I have to buy medicine?

Our mantra at Chirosteo is to minimise the intake of drugs and painkillers. Generally no medicines or painkillers are prescribed as part of the treatment. We may sometimes, depending on your condition, recommend some chinese herbs for general wellbeing, quick recovery and strengthening of muscles and tendons- but we will not in any way pressure you into buying any of these herbs if you do not wish to.

Do I have to bring anything for treatment?

Generally, no. However if you have had an x-ray or scan taken of your injury, please do bring that along as this would assist our physician in evaluating your condition and recommending the best course of treatment.

On occasion our physician may request for you to have an x-ray or CT scan taken before any treatment is prescribed.